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Modular Ocean Exploration Toolkit

Published onDec 06, 2019
Modular Ocean Exploration Toolkit


The Galapagos Drop Cam MIT-NatGeo Crew

The Galapagos Drop Cam MIT-NatGeo Crew

After coming back from the Galapagos, I wanted to bring back the freedom to explore and investigate the unexplored layers of the ocean with a modular, robust, easily assembled and deployable electronics kit.

I looked around and only found a few (expensive! - $15,000 or more) untethered drop cams and nothing that could be self-assembled. Turns out that modular underwater electronic design is difficult - and sounds like an excellent Ph.D. project.

Here are a few hardware projects have inspired me thus far…

These Lego pieces are electrical circuits

Smart Lab’s Toy Circuit

And a couple more underwater ones…

blue eye: a low-cost drop-cam for deep-sea exploration

Building the world's first consumer deep-sea dropcam


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